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CrossFit is popular fitness trend, and you probably know someone who’s doing it. However, what exactly is it and is it an option for everybody? Here’s a look at the real truth behind CrossFit, its benefits and drawbacks.

What is CrossFit?
It’s a blend of strength training, aerobics, and gymnastics, performed within set time intervals. CrossFit is a fun variation of fitness, but use wisdom when picking a gym, too much weight too soon can equal major injuries: knees, back, rotator cuff etc.

I know someone who got dramatic results. Is that typical?

  • CrossFit focuses on big muscle groups like legs and core with powerful exercises like squats, which can help people get toned.
  • The team environment can inspire people to work out regularly, a key to fitness success.

I’ve heard CrossFit produces a lot of injuries. Is it safe?
It depends.

  • The specialized movements are best done under a coach’s watchful eye.
  • But CrossFit clients outnumber coaches, and coaches can’t watch everyone.
  • It’s also easy to open a CrossFit business without being properly trained.

What are the potential pitfalls of CrossFit?

  • Crossfit clients can injure themselves doing exercises they’re not ready to perform safely. Because of the type of movements you do, many times you will be asked to do large olympic lifts and moves without having time to develop the stabilizing muscles needed to avoid injury.
  • Overexerted muscles are a common CrossFit problem that can lead to rhabdomyolysis—a serious condition with complications such as kidney failure.

What are some good alternatives to CrossFit?
Anything that embraces a healthy, safe workout strategy! Personal training is especially effective because it’s personalized for your specific needs and overseen by certified coaches who know how to prevent injuries.

Elite Training has helped rehab multiple clients from some CrossFit gyms.

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