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Everett Newcomb

Everett Newcomb

E2 Trainer

Everett is known by his Elite clients as a trainer who pays attention to detail and always has the energy to excite and motivate them. He graduated CSU Chico with a degree in Exercise Physiology and a minor in Health and Wellness. Everett has led workshops on corrective stretching, mobility training and olympic lifting progressions.
“I live what I teach”
  • NASM PT Certification
  • Batchelor’s in Exercise Physiology
  • Minor in Heath and Wellness
  • CPR, AED
Deanna Brown

Deanna Brown

E2 Trainer

With more than two decades of fitness industry experience, helping clients lead a healthier lifestyle is her biggest passion. Deanna has extensive experience working with clients who are new, to exercise and those recovering from an injury or condition. She guides her clients towards building strength while working in safe, effective movement patterns. Deanna’s diverse fitness expertise provides her with the knowledge to design an exercise program that is challenging and fun drawing the most out of the client at each training.

  • NASM Correctives
  • FiTour Indoor Cycling
  • RX Suspension and Rip Certified Instructor
  • Certified MAT
  • Aqua Fitness
  • Cycle Fit Tour
  • Pilates
  • YogaFit Level 1
David Bonsignore

David Bonsignore

E2 Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer since 2002
Background in Exercise and Nutrition
Currently holds 2 training certifications. I have trained 100s of clients. I have trained teenagers all the way up to octogenarians. I train those looking to lose weight, gain muscle, and/or maintain a certain fitness level. I believe in waking up happy and going to sleep happy. One of the necessary components of maintaining happiness is not only looking good but feeling good about yourself!
Exercising correctly is definitely a key factor.
Lydia Fowler

Lydia Fowler

E1 Trainer

Lydia Fowler is known across San Diego for her large bootcamps and outgoing personality. She has interned with some of the best trainers in the nation and has been a sports and fitness enthusiast for a long time. From a young age Lydia Wisan enjoyed soccer and captained and played every Intramural sport in college. Her favorite sport now is volleyball and she plays it every chance she gets.

Her specialities are girls/guys who are trying to lose body fat and gain lean muscle tone. She is a natural extrovert and loves meeting new people and every aspect of personal training, you will not meet a more friendly trainer or genuine person.
Lydia is currently certified through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and is considering either a Corrective Exercise certification or a Nutrition Degree.

  • NASM Correctives
  • CPR, AED
Joe Chandler

Joe Chandler

E3 Trainer

Established innovative Personal Fitness Coach and Cross Training Specialist with a unique approach and philosophy of neuro – functional assessment & integrated program design by activity based and applied progressive methodology.

Mentor training style to enlighten, educate and motivate for functional personalized goal specific achievement. Served 1000’s of private clients and specialty classes for over 20 years in the Northern Virginia/Greater Washington DC area. Elite athletic performance coaching – Including: College & High School Athletes, Washington Divas (Women’s Professional Football), MMA Team and private Coach for Olympic Gold Medal Champions.

Owned and operated a private studio in northern Virginia. Amazing results withpost – rehab as well as adapted specialty clients: Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s, visual impairment, sre neurological damage, back and hip flexor, weak point training and total body balancing.

  • NASM PT Certified
  • Krav Maga Instructor Certified
  • ACSM PT Certified
  • ACE PT Certified
  • Kettle Bell Instructor Certified
  • Kettle Bell Correctives Certified
  • 5th Degree Black Belt
  • Les Mills Certified
  • NASM Multi functional
Ben Wisen

Ben Wisen

E2 Trainer

From a young age Ben was very interested in body building after getting a black and white “Joe Weider” body building book it was on. From age 17 Ben lifted and was very interested in the kineseology of the human body and the art and aesthetics of muscle sculpting.

  • ACE PT
  • GG PT
  • First Aid, AED

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