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How to Stay Trim and Avoid Unwanted Weight Gain

The benefits of staying ahead of unwanted weight gain can help you overflow with energy and vitality every day, even as you age. It’s easy to rationalize and minimize the risks of weight gain, particularly if you’ve only put on 10 pounds over several years. But if you...

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The Importance of Maintaining Flexibility to Prevent Injury

If you were given one car to use for the rest of your life, how well would you maintain it? Would you be motivated to do the necessary preventative maintenance? Our bodies are the vehicle in which we travel for the duration of our lives. The more we focus on...

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Get a Head Start on the New Year with These 5 Workout Tips

Why wait? As we round the bend into the year’s end, many of us will write goals and New Year’s resolutions and fully intend on keeping them—beginning January 1. The question is, why wait? Waiting until January 1 to begin tackling diet and fitness goals could be the...

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Is a Treadmill Desk Really Worth It?

You’ve probably seen or heard the phrase, “Sitting is the new smoking.” There have been countless news reports about how vital it is to avoid sitting all day long, and there have been many recent studies to back this up. In fact, a compilation of 13 studies showed...

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5 Fun Ways to Get Fit in California

San Diego’s sunny days are just beckoning you to head outside. Maybe you’re bored of the same old routine. Whether you are a regular at a gym searching for a change of pace or you’re seeking a fun way to get motivated to begin pursuing a fitter lifestyle, these...

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I Want to Change My Body This Year— But I Need Help!

If you’re like millions of Americans, you probably made New Year’s resolutions to start exercising more and to eat healthier. Maybe you ordered equipment that you can use at home, but rather than use it to achieve your fitness goals, you’ve let it sit in a closet...

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Should I Workout in the Morning or Night?

One question that our personal trainers at Elite Training San Diego get asked frequently is whether it’s better to work out in the morning or at night. Many clients already understand the importance of things like getting regular physical exercise, setting realistic...

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How to Set Realistic Fitness Goals

Goal setting is a huge motivation for many people in their fitness journey. Setting goals gives people something concrete to reach towards, a milestone by which they can measure success in the face of more murky and difficult-to-discern health benefits. Goals can...

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